Another event punctuated the OCEAN project agenda as on the 20th of September was held the first consortium call. This online meeting was led by the EOC EU office in order to establish a first feedback session on the different actions already initiated and provide an overview of upcoming tasks.  

Looking forward to the next training courses and the future module provided to the Climate Action Officers, the date and speaker of the October sessions was shared. Lina Taylor, a former Olympian and currently Climate Coach will be in charge of this session.  

Afterwards, the discussion moved to the expectations and challenges faced by the consortium members in the implementation of the carbon footprint measurement. Potential obstacles expressed revolved around the comprehensive approach of measurement which requires time and a specific methodology. However, at the end of the OCEAN Project, the Climate Action Officers will have sufficient knowledge and expertise to calculate the carbon footprint of their organization on their own.  

The next step of the OCEAN project is scheduled to take place during the month of October with the beginning of the Module 2.2. In the meantime, Climate Action Officers will start the complete carbon footprint measurement of their organization, following the recommendations established during the 2nd Seminar by the Öko Institut.  


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