The 4th Consortium Call took place on 2nd July. The EOC EU Office organised this online conference to set up a feedback session on the various actions that have been implemented since the third Consortium Call in January and to give a summary of the tasks that would be coming up.

The 18 NOCs received feedback from the Öko-Institut on the carbon footprint results and the upcoming tool. The OCEAN management team presented its approach to help Climate Action Officers obtain support from their leadership and NOC president in implementing their carbon footprint reduction strategy.

The Consortium will meet again after the Games with many meetings planned before the end of 2024. The second peer to peer roundtable on reduction strategies will be held online on 17September, followed by the Module 4 of the Training Course and the EOC Seminar. The consortium will meet again in Prague for the second Project Meeting and Module 5 of the Training Course in December. A webinar for NOCs Presidents, a workshop on the Pool of Actions and bilateral calls will also be organised before the end of 2024.

In the meantime, Climate Action Officers have been asked to continue drafting their carbon footprint reduction strategies, the adoption of which is scheduled for Spring 2025.

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The EOC EU Office is the House of European Sport, representing the European Olympic Committees (EOC), the IOC and other major sport organisations to the European institutions in Brussels.
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